Professional onsite fleet washing

Comprehensive Fleet Washing Services

We have been providing our customers with the finest customer service and top quality washing services for more than 20 years. Our wash crews are highly skilled and go through a rigorous training process to learn about the various truck finishes and the proper procedures to clean them. Our companies industry leading involvement and training process has brought contractors from all over the country to learn how to properly and safely clean a vehicle. Further our commitment to a clean environment has made us one of Wisconsin's few environmental contract cleaners and Ryder's only authorized vendor for washing services in southeastern Wisconsin. Commitment to the highest customer service has allowed us to maintain our largest and smallest customers since the beginning, our customers have never left us for poor quality or service. From 1 truck to 1000 we have the equipment and experience to get your job done right and on time guaranteed!

Exterior Vehicle Cleaning:
Your company image matters and the vehicles you have are your companies’ billboard, what does your fleet say about your company? At Mobi Clean we pride ourselves on transforming some of the dullest, dirtiest trucks on the road to a clean and eye catching vehicle. Our custom blended biodegradable detergents coupled with our special processes allow us to properly clean a vehicle and bring back the the aluminum all while creating a neutral ph to comply with all the discharge requirements under the state’s wash water discharge permits. Each vehicle in your fleet is washed individually and brushed as necessary to provide you with the clean truck you expect. Rest assured that we will provide you with a consistent and complete wash that will make your trucks ‘shine’.

Complete wash water recollecton services:
With more and more enforcement of the federal clean water act it has become necessary in certain cases to recollect the wash water from washing operations. Mobi Clean has made a significant investment in the highest quality recollection and filtration equipment to get the job done right. Our state of the art equipment is used worldwide by the military, various government agencies and conscientious contractors alike. This equipment allows us to be fully compliant with the strictest recovery laws anywhere in the country to protect our customers from any potential contamination threats. When it comes to recovery and treatment Mobi Clean takes it to the next level to ensure the protection of our lakes, streams and land.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning:
Our crews have years of experience cleaning heavy equipment in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. Cranes, loaders, haul trucks, generators, back hoes, drag lines, scrapers, dozers, crush plants, and tunneling rigs are just a few of the pieces we have cleaned over the years. Whether it is an emergency degreasing job for a major road project, special cleaning at landfills, keeping a crush plant up and running, or preparing a unit for a fresh coat of paint we are ready to provide the service you need. Mobi Clean Inc is equipped with all the equipment to get the job done right, fast and safe. Additionally our MSHA certified employees allow us to go where the others cannot. No more shutting down your operation to clean a radiator that is causing your equipment to overheat. Quality and consistency are what you achieve when you use Mobi Clean Inc. to clean your products.

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If you are ever unhappy with our service we will re-do the area of concern free of charge. If you are still unsatisfied with our service we will refund your money. No questions asked just a simple straight forward guarantee.

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